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HOTEL IZ POLARNIH SNOVA: Smeštaj sa 5 zvezdica u "Beloj pustinji" na Antarktiku košta čitavo bogatstvo (FOTO)

Zavirite u najudaljeniji hotel na svetu u carstvu snega i leda!

  Izvor: Foto: Profimedia/ Credit : White Desert / Warren Rasmussen

U spavaćoj sobi dominira ogroman krevet s uzglavljem od bambusovog drveta, a prekrivači su od krzna.


Author: White Desert / Warren Rasmussen Description: Ferrari Press Agency Ref 7228 Antarctic 1 18/08/2016 See Ferrari text Picture MUST credit : White Desert / Warren Rasmussen It’s the remote getaway where only the very wealthy will be able to afford the peace, tranquility, breathtaking views – and sub-zero temperatures.The White Desert camp in Antarctica is the most remote hotel in the world and one of the most expensive.It costs £55,000 GBP / €64,000 Euros / $72,500 USD for an all-inclusive 11-night stay.It includes return air fairs from Cape Town, South Africa, s ell as all food, drink use of guides and logistics staff , some items of polar clothing, plus a “carbon tax” to offset emissions.But the price for those who can afford it is the vacation of a lifetime amongst stunning scenery and surrounded by wildlife evolved to survive the harshest climate on Earth.The camp has been entertaining the elite for ten years and has just received a complete birthday makeover.Previous guests are said to have included Britain’s Prince Harry and members of the Saudi royal family.White Desert guests stay in six heated fiberglass domes known as “sleeping pods”. The bedrooms come with bamboo headboards, Saarinen chairs, fur throws, and en suite bathrooms stocked with sustainable Lost Explorer-brand toiletries, created by the de Rothschild family. The walls are decorated with antique wooden skis.Guests are provided with comforting, well insulated parka coats.Each pod stands alone on a rugged strip of land in the interior of Antarctica, midway between a frozen lake and towering walls of ice.The dining room once consisted of one long wooden table, it’s now a more formal affair, with fur throws covering the chairs.The maximum of 12 guests on each stay dine together enjoying three-course meals with ingredients and wines flown in from Cape Town. The meals are prepared by an in-house chef who cooks privately for the British Formula One driver Lewis Hamilton.As well as whale watching and mingling with a colony of emperor penguins, guests can enjoy exploring ice caves, kite-skiing, and abseiling. The penguin trip involves a two hour flight to a colony of 3,000 breeding pairs of Emperors to see them and their newly hatched chicks. For an extra £5,700 / €6,250 Euros / $7500 USD for an overnight trip to the geographical South Pole.That price also includes a custom timepiece which comes engraved with the date of the visit. OPS: One of the White Desert sleeping pods Picture supplied by Ferrari Software:Adobe Photoshop Elements 13.0 (Macintosh) Created: 2016:08:18 14:25:59

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